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Summertime Music News

We are deep into the summer calendar and the temp has been rising both outside and inside the church.  I hope you have seen and felt some dynamic changes in the efforts of the Praise Band as we have worked to ramp up the energy and passion in our music.   They have worked very hard to raise their level of commitment to leading worship in an effective way.  At the late service, we have enjoyed super participation from our choir—we had 30 singers on Sunday and they sounded fantastic!  Choir attendance has been higher in 2019 than in the last 10 years.  We have a tremendously dedicated choir.

Over the next few weeks, I am taking some time away from church.  Since I started leading the early service back in March of 2016, I have only missed four Sundays over that 40-month stretch.  It seems a good time to take some time away and refresh my battery.  Pastor Kate preached a while back about the importance of “Sabbath” in our lives.  I am going to take her advice.  There will be still be great music at our early service.  Michael Ervin is stepping in to lead the praise band and he will do a super job.  Our Sanctuary Choir is taking their regular summer hiatus and will be back in the loft in August. There will be hymns and special music each week at the late service.

I want to take a chance to encourage each of you to “promote” our church to your friends, family and neighbors.  We have exciting worship happening each Sunday at DPUMC.    Attendance often drops in the summer months—let’s reverse that trend and increase our count.  I love being at DPUMC on Sunday mornings (it’s a good thing since that has been our home for the past 37 years).  If you leave church services feeling spiritually renewed, having enjoyed being at church—tell someone.  Share a little about our church family and the wonderful community of faith we have.  It could be a difference maker in the life of our church but more importantly in someone’s life.  Make it a goal to bring somebody to church this summer at least one Sunday.

I will see you in a few weeks. 

Barry Talley

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